I love to eat.  I love to eat out, I love to eat in, I love to eat snacks, and I love to cook.  I just moved into my first apartment in Boston, living with five other girls (it’s a REALLY big apartment) and I attempting to put my cooking skills to the test in my college girl kitchen.

I have a somewhat problematic obsession with the Food Network and cooking shows.  I love Iron Chef America; Chopped; Throwdown; Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives; Cupcake Wars and pretty much anything that involves making my mouth water.  I also love foodnetwork.com for recipe ideas and cooking tips.

My favorite food is pasta, but I also love pizza, hoagies, watermelon, ice cream, grilled shrimp, bacon, chicken noodle soup, and too many other foods to count.  My favorite meal of the day is dessert.  I never cook a recipe the same twice, and I’m not super fond of measuring cups/spoons.  I like to put garlic in everything.  I’m not afraid of taking shortcuts, as long as the food comes out tasting good in the end.  I love to experiment, but when I find a recipe I like, I become sort of attached to it.

Besides cooking, I also love to go out to eat.  I love to try new things, but I’m also fond of a few old favorites.  I travel a lot, and every new city means a new food adventure.  I grew up in South Jersey, so I know a lot about cheesesteaks and water ice, but I go to school in Boston, so I can tell you a thing or two about chowdah as well.

For more ideas and recipes, head on over to my page on Foodily or start your own! It’s a great way to collect and organize recipes and share your favorites with fellow food lovers!

Happy eating!


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